Walk through a day in the life of an Axepta BNP Paribas’s field sales agent

Julie has been working for several years as field sales agent at Axepta BNP Paribas Benelux. Her mission? Prospecting new customers and offering them customized electronic payment solutions, whether it be the sale/rental of payment terminals or the transaction processing (commonly known as “acquiring”). Her target group? Businesses and individuals in a variety of industries such as the horeca, transportation, healthcare, retail and many others.

Organizing a field sales agent’ journey – Well, trying to

Julie covers a large geographical area, more precisely the Provinces of Namur and Walloon Brabant, as well as the Brussels-Capital Region. Being constantly on the road and having up to four appointments a day, it is important to establish a certain daily schedule, even if hardly a day goes by without juggling from one unexpected event to the other.

“It’s really not unusual to schedule a last-minute appointment throughout the day”, Julie says. “This is an integral part of working as a salesperson. It is therefore necessary to master the art of time management, while adopting a thoughtful attitude that focuses on the customer’s comfort. The customer’s interest comes first, it always does.”

Listening is key

Although the primary objective of a salesperson is to generate sales, the sales strategy at Axepta BNP Paribas goes far beyond reaching a quota. What matters above all is customer satisfaction. To achieve this, active listening is essential.

“I was visiting a customer the other day who seemed to have set his heart on the Link/2500 payment terminal, which is easy to connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth”, Julie explains. “The deal could have been easily closed right there, but when delving into the context of the business, it became rapidly clear that the Move 5000 was a better solution for his needs. A GPRS connection was absolutely imperative.”

Our personalized approach is a major asset

Axepta BNP Paribas’ field sales agents are highly praised for their personalized approach. “One of Axepta BNP Paribas’ greatest assets, in addition to our fully localized corporate operations that generally build trust, is our proximity with customers”, Julie says. “This is clearly a distinctive competitive advantage compared to other market players. Customers can easily reach me on my direct mobile phone number for example. It’s reassuring for them and it allows us to establish the foundations of a long-lasting and qualitative relationship, which is all that matters in the end.”

As part of this personalized approach, we also carry out an in-depth analyses of billing data provided by customers. “An analytical process is currently ongoing for one of my customers, a retailer who owns a dozen stores in Brussels and Wallonia”, Julie explains. “This is a complex case due to the size of the company and the application of mixed invoicing methods (Interchange++, Blended, POS system and e-commerce). This procedure allows us to target a customized offer in line with the customers’ needs and to target the most attractive solution for them.

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