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Over the past years, Payconiq has become known as an innovative way to pay with your smartphone. Do you already accept card payments? Expand your range of payment possibilities with Payconiq!

Payconiq is the ideal solution if you want to take a first step into digital payment traffic.

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Why Payconiq?

Payconiq Customer Experience

Consumers pay less in cash and are eager to use mobile payments. With Payconiq, your customers pay quickly and easily: the customer selects your business in the app or scans your personal QR code. The customer enters the amount, confirms the payment with the pincode or fingerprint and … that’s it! Handy, right?

Payconiq Merchant Experience

For the merchant, it’s easy to receive and verify your payments. You follow up every transaction online via your smartphone, tablet or PC and immediately receive a reference and confirmation of the payment in the Payconiq Merchant Portal. The technology is in line with the best standards for payment solutions, 100 % safe and reliable.

Fixed transaction cost

As a merchant, you pay 0,06 EUR per transaction and €18 per year for Payconiq. There are no additional costs, so no subscription or start-up costs. Moreover, you don’t have to invest in hardware, which is also a bonus, isn’t it?

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