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1. Definition and general access rules

The “Website” means this website as published by Axepta BNP Paribas Benelux NV/SA (further details below under point 2 “Publisher”), hereinafter referred to as “Axepta BNP Paribas” and/or the affiliated companies or companies of the Group to which Axepta BNP Paribas belongs and all information and material contained therein.

Certain parts or pages of the Website contain separate and/or additional conditions, which are additions to the General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any contradiction, the separate and/or additional conditions shall take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions in respect of such parts or pages.

This Website also contains links to websites published by third parties. Links to this Website may also be included in third party websites. Axepta BNP Paribas has not reviewed them and disclaims any liability in respect of any information or material posted on any of the sites linked to this Website. The fact that a link is created to a third party website or that a third party website contains a link to this Website does not mean that Axepta BNP Paribas endorses or recommends the products or services offered on that third party website. Nor does Axepta BNP Paribas make any implicit or explicit assessment as to the accuracy and/or reliability of the information that may be found, directly or indirectly, on the websites of third parties or as to the reliability and/or probity of third parties.

The content of the Website is subject to change. Not all products and services are available in all geographical areas. Eligibility to receive a product or service may be subject to the approval of Axepta BNP Paribas or its relevant affiliated companies or companies of the Group of which Axepta BNP Paribas is part. Persons accessing, visiting or using this Website must ascertain whether the law of their own country permits them to obtain the information or must refrain from accessing, visiting and/or using the Website accordingly.

2. Publisher

The publisher of this Website is:

Axepta BNP Paribas Benelux NV/SA,
Warandeberg 3
1000 Brussels – Belgium
V.A.T. BE0719319138 – RPR Brussels

3. Website content and material

The information and material contained in this Website are intended solely for the information of persons consulting this Website regarding products or services offered and/or distributed by Axepta BNP Paribas.

The information and material on this Website are not intended to provide personal advice. Furthermore, any offer is limited to the countries or jurisdictions expressly mentioned therein and may not be considered by persons from any other country or jurisdiction who access, visit or use the Website.

4. Intellectual property rights

The information and material on this Website are protected by intellectual property rights held by or claimed by Axepta BNP Paribas, its affiliated companies or companies of the Group to which Axepta BNP Paribas belongs or third parties. This information and material may be reproduced and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you do not delete any references to intellectual property rights or others in it. You agree not to distribute, reproduce or sell this information and material in any form or by any means without Axepta BNP Paribas’s express prior written consent.

5. Personal data and electronic communication

We refer to the privacy policy and cookie policy described on this website (Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data).

Any person accessing a service provided by Axepta BNP Paribas which involves the use of an electronic means of communication (telephone, e-mail, Internet, online conversation, etc.) agrees to the recording and handling of the electronic communication relating thereto, including the content and data relating thereto, with a view to ensuring Axepta BNP Paribas’s activities, the quality of its services and the improvement of products and services (both existing products and services and products and services still in development). Data relating to electronic communications and their content may be retained until the end of the period during which the underlying transaction may be legally challenged.

6. Confidentiality

Any information or material sent to Axepta BNP Paribas via this Website shall be handled in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

7. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Your access to, visit or use of the Website and these Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. Unless the law expressly provides which is the competent court, the action may be brought before :

  • the court of the domicile of the defendant or one of the defendants;
  • the court of the place where the obligations or one of the obligations in dispute arose or where they were, are or must be performed;
  • the judge of the place where the judicial officer has spoken to the defendant if he or one of the defendants, if any, is not domiciled in Belgium or abroad.

8. Autonomy and modifications

If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions will be unenforceable and the unenforceable provision will be replaced with the enforceable provision that most closely matches the underlying intent of the unenforceable provision. This agreement will form part of all other agreements you have entered into or will enter into with Axepta BNP Paribas or one of its affiliated companies or companies in the Group of which Axepta BNP Paribas forms part.

Axepta BNP Paribas may amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, with immediate effect and without prior notice.

9. Liability of third parties

Any unlawful or prohibited use of this Website, including by causing damage to the software used and the data provided, by means of viruses, destruction and/or data manipulation, gives rise to civil and criminal liability.

Axepta BNP Paribas’s failure to invoke or enforce, even temporarily, these or other rights arising from these Terms and Conditions of Use and/or relating to the use of this Website may under no circumstances be construed as a waiver or waiver of any right or claim.