Spotlight on customer satisfaction: Viva Kids’ experience 

During our usual day-to-day business, where every interaction matters, small acts of exceptional customer service can make a significant impact. Recently, our client Viva Kids faced a minor issue with their terminal, turning what could have been a routine customer service call into an unexpectedly positive experience

According to Viva Kids, the standout moment was the friendly voice on the other end of the line. In their words, “I had a very friendly man on the phone – a nice surprise because usually, customer service calls are so short.” The warm and helpful assistance left a lasting impression with the client noting “I got the feeling this customer service representative genuinely cared and the support I received was beyond my expectations.” 

This positive interaction extended beyond the call according to the owner of Viva Kids, with the helpful expert ensuring the issue was fully resolved and even following up later to check if everything was okay. 

This story reflects our commitment at Axepta BNP Paribas to providing personalized and helpful service. It’s a simple yet meaningful example of how we strive to make every interaction count, building genuine connections and ensuring our clients feel supported. Here’s to more moments of client satisfaction and the ongoing dedication to exceptional service.