Meeting with our logistics agent Sébastien

Today we have the pleasure to meet Sébastien, logistics agent at Axepta BNP Paribas and our very own superhero when it comes to payment terminals. He works at our distribution center in Waterloo and talks about the various steps involved when ordering a payment terminal, from the preparation of the device to the delivery to the customer.

Without logistics, there is no business.

The importance of logistics can be put very simply: without it, nobody would use our payment terminals. The scope and complexity of the division become even more apparent when we take a look at some key figures. The logistics department of Axepta BNP Paribas is responsible for the processing and storage of about 8570 payment terminals and 5500 chargers, and the shipping of about 530 payment terminals to customers per month. The least you can say is that they are definitely an essential part of our organization.

The making of an order is followed by an entire logistical process that requires thorough planning and organization. Sébastien has been working in the logistics department of Axepta BNP Paribas for 3 years. “We strive to deliver our payment terminals to the customer as quickly as possible, which is something we usually succeed in. In more than 95% of cases, our payment terminals are received by our customers within 48h following the request in our system. Our average delivery time is even 15h, which is well within the stated delivery time of 10 working days.”

From preparation to receipt

Once an order is validated, logistics take care of preparing the payment terminal. This involves a series of programming that maximizes the user-friendliness of the device, so that upon receipt the customer only has to plug it in. After testing out the terminal, logistics contacts the customer to verify his or her contact information such as the delivery address. Once this additional verification step is completed, the payment terminal is ready for shipment.

“While this distribution process may sound quite simple, each step is performed by humans from start to finish”, emphasizes Sébastien. “Small operations can cause major concerns. Logistics must constantly run smoothly. And this is the case at Axepta BNP Paribas, thanks to the application of effective work processes resulting from years of experience. For example, despite the average stock of 10,000 payment terminals and as many accessories such as paper rolls, each device can be perfectly tracked.”

A dream job encompassing a wide variety of tasks

Logistics at Axepta BNP Paribas is more than just stock management and preparation and shipment of payment terminals. Customers can also count on Sébastien for home installations and repairs both during the week and on weekends. “I like varied work, so I feel completely at home here”, says Sébastien. “I work both at the distribution center in Waterloo and on the road, a combination that suits me perfectly.”

Logistics work is above all useful work. Among his many responsibilities, Sébastien provides technical support to customer service colleagues and to customers by phone or directly at home. “Customer satisfaction is good to get, but even better to keep”, indicates Sébastien. “Leaving the customer with a big smile is worth its weight in gold. In those moments, you sometimes feel like a colleague of superman or spiderman, like the terminalman so to speak.”

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