Maximizing efficiency: Extending the battery life of your Move 5000 mobile terminal 

In the dynamic world of payment processing, the Move 5000 mobile terminal stands as a reliable ally, especially for businesses on the move. However, like any high-performing device, its effectiveness depends on the careful management of its battery life. Here, we explore key strategies to ensure your Move 5000 remains consistently charged and ready for seamless transactions. 

To start, consider smart charging practices during business hours. Let the terminal operate freely when in use during the day, and as the business day ends, place the payment terminal correctly on the base for overnight charging. This simple routine not only prolongs battery life, it also ensures a fully charged device at the beginning of each day. 

However, when charging during the day is inevitable, maintaining a balance in charging practices is essential. Avoid letting the battery decrease to 0% and aim for a moderate charging approach. When charging, it’s important to remove the terminal once it reaches an optimal charge level to prevent unnecessary strain on the battery. 

Additionally, temperature control plays a crucial role. Store the terminal in a temperate environment, avoiding extremes of cold or heat, which can impact battery life. This conscientious consideration helps preserve the internal components of the terminal, contributing to its overall longevity. 

Lastly, power management strategies such as turning off the terminal during periods of inactivity and selecting a single communication mode (either GPRS or Wi-Fi) contribute to efficient energy use.  

For those who are mainly on the road, invest in a robust charger. Since the car’s power may not always be sufficient, opting for a strong car charger is ideal to avoid battery drain.  

In conclusion, it’s important to recognize that the type of battery used in phones and terminals is fundamentally the same. Applying practices beneficial for your phone is equally advantageous for your terminal. At Axepta BNP Paribas, we provide not just payment solutions, but we are also empowering our clients with best practices to optimize their equipment. If you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is readily available to help you maintain peak efficiency in your payment processing needs.