A payment solution trusted by leading companies.

Xavier Pierard, Bacchus and Friends, specialty store

Professional equipment and support

Professional equipment, easy to install and to use on a daily basis. I was guided by a team of professionals who support me in the development of my business.

Evelyne Dumon, owner LIV en ULLA, clothing store

Axepta, that’s reliable!

Very satisfied with my terminal! My terminal never lets me down, even during busy periods.

Alicia Van Belleghem, owner Saint Colette, clothing store

Buying your favorite dress is easier than ever.

The Kassa/Caisse 2.0 solution and my terminal are the perfect combination: smooth payment, good reporting and a clear overview!

Droom aan de Nete, Bakery

Innovative and user-friendly

The innovative Kassa/Caisse 2.0 system is very user-friendly and allows to me to make changes in real time.

Lolita Noto, physical therapist

Time saving!

Happy that I chose for the Axepta BNP Paribas terminal! It was very easy to close the contract with the help and advice of the team of experts. I recommend it to every healthcare professional!

Paul Driesens, owner Gastrobar3Sense, horeca

Visual and easy to use

The POS system Kassa/Caisse 2.0 is very visual and facilitates our communication with the kitchen staff.

Thierry Van Meckeren, owner Take Five, Horeca

Everything runs smoothly!

My payment terminal and the Kassa/Caisse 2.0 are the perfect combination!