Axepta takes over Ingenico In-store

Ingenico In-store becomes part of Axepta

Axepta takes over Ingenico’s In-store activities in Belgium and Luxembourg. And we are proud of it!

With this merger, Axepta strengthens its position in the market for electronic payment acceptance solutions, both via physical and virtual terminals in Belgium and Luxembourg.

What does this mean for you? An even better service!

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Axepta takes over Ingenico In-store

Continuously innovating to give you the best service

Today, almost 80% of a B2C retailer’s turnover is generated by card transactions. We understand how important it is to offer an easy and accessible payment solution tailored to both you and your customers. To capitalize on this trend, Axepta continues to innovate and offer you the right payment solution that is easy to integrate and accessible, always adapted to your needs. This acquisition helps Axepta to strengthen its current product and service offering and to support you even better.

Axepta takes over Ingenico In-store

Why did Axepta BNP Paribas choose to acquire Ingenico In-store?

The acquisition of the Ingenico In-store business in Belgium and Luxembourg is in line with Axepta’s objective to expand its presence in these two domestic markets for card payment processing and to revitalise this sector by offering a competitive range of products and services for the liberal professions, SMEs, public and large enterprises. Through this acquisition, more than 30,000 Ingenico customers will benefit from our services.

This acquisition is subject to validation by the delegated authorities.


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